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With some of the students traveling more than an hour each way, The Scranton School places a major emphasis on providing the same kind of social, emotional, and academic support that you would provide if your child were at home.  Our residential students arrive on campus Monday morning and leave for their homes on Friday afternoon.

Preparation for Life

The Scranton School offers a variety of opportunities for students to socialize, including parties, athletic events, movies, special dinners, a bowling league, ski club, and many more.

Because learning does not stop at the end of the day, residential staff is on hand to help with homework and answer academic questions. Daily chores and responsibilities help to reinforce the sense of belonging for every student. Students living in the dorm receive individual attention and support from our excellent staff as they complete their homework, learn and practice home-living skills and complete their chores.

Barbara Graham Residence

Renovated in 2010, the Barbara Graham Residence provides a home-like atmosphere for our residential students.  Under the supervision of trained staff, students experience activities and meals similar to their homes.  Meals are eaten family-style in the dining room.  Chores are assigned to students; and study hall is required.

Equipped with amenities such as a 52″ flat screen TV, Nintendo Wii, and desktop computers, students have access to modern technology and entertainment. Designed specifically to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing children, the Residence is equipped with P3 videophone kiosks to allow regular contact with family members, visual doorbell alerts, vibrating alarm clocks, and a fire/security system specially designed for deaf students.