ASL Teaching and Learning Resources

American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA)
• Professional organization for American Sign Language teachers

American Sign Language Dictionary & Inflection Guide
• Online video dictionary from NTID which consists of vocabulary organized by category, used in sentences, and shown at slow or normal speeds

American Sign Language Browsers
• Online ASL dictionary and video demonstrations of vocabulary for supplementary references.

• Online ASL Dictionary with video demonstrations of vocabulary and phrases and other resources for learning ASL, including a dictionary of signs by handshape, scenes with individual pictures users can select to see the additional sign, and video examples of ASL mouth morphemes

Receptive ASL Fingerspelling Practice
• Study the manual alphabet and practice receptive fingerspelling skills at different speeds

Receptive ASL Numbers Practice
• Become skilled at ASL numbers and practice reading numbers presented in ASL at different speeds

Classifiers in ASL
• Classifiers are signs that use handshapes that are associated with specific categories (classes) of size, shape, or usage. This site explains how different handshapes are used as classifiers and includes videos with examples for how these classifiers are used.

ASL Video
Gallaudet University Video Collection
• Searchable collection of videos in ASL produced by Gallaudet University such as Deaf Mosaic, Deaf folklore, student productions, Deaf sports events, and the Visual History Project.

ASL Vlog and Video Directory
• A portal to ASL video and vlogs on the internet, and organized by topic

Deaf Professional Arts Network
• D-PAN, The Deaf Professional Arts Network, is an internationally known nonprofit organization dedicated to making music and music culture accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Parents, Students, Community – online tutor/videos
• Sign language resources for language enthusiasts, ASL students, learners, instructors, and teachers, interpreters, homeschoolers, parents and professionals who are interested in learning ASL.

Children’s ASL Stories
• Applications and websites for enhancing literacy and cognitive development for all deaf and hard of hearing children. Even non-signers can fully enjoy the ASL story.

For Teachers/Parents
• Created to bring you as many perspectives on the deaf and hard of hearing experience as possible. The primary focus of these websites is to promote awareness of Deaf culture.

• Specialty publishers of instructional ASL and Deaf Culture which are widely recognized in the United States and Canada

For Parents
• Offers family resources for children and adults who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, their families and caregivers.

• lists resources that might be particularly useful to deaf children and the families and
professionals working with them.

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