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Integrating the most advanced technology into our academic, residential and support programs is a high priority at The Scranton School.  By doing so, we are able to prepare our students for life, both in the work place and in their personal lives.

Technology For Life

Over the past couple of decades the advancement of technology has enabled deaf and hard of hearing individuals to communicate with one another more independently.  The Scranton School embraces these services and utilizes them as instructional tools for our students.  By integrating this type of technology into our instruction, students are able to bridge the communication gap through a greater ease of communication.

Technology for Education and the Work Place

Technology is ever-evolving and becoming more prevalent in all facets of our professional lives.  At The Scranton School, we feature SMARTboards, document cameras, iPads, laptops, REDCAR sound systems. visual security and alert systems, televisions, LED information boards, and many other pieces of technology. Seamlessly integrated into each program, these devices, partnered with Individualized Education Plans, enables us to design comprehensive teaching, communication, and learning methods for our students.