Admissions Process

  • Student referral to The Scranton School comes from a variety of sources:
    • Parents
    • Audiologists
    • School Districts
    • Intermediate Units
    • Friends
  • Contact is made to The Scranton School directly from parents, a school district or an Intermediate Unit.
  • A visit is then scheduled for the family to visit classrooms, tour the facilities and talk with staff.
  • If parents decide to pursue their child’s placement in school, the Principal will facilitate the process and parents are encouraged to contact their local school district if they have not yet done it.
  • Student records are then requested and a review is conducted:
    • Audiological
    • Speech
    • Language
    • Academic
  • The school district is involved with placement.
  • Acceptance is determined based on an appropriate educational program and IEP determination.
  • Approval must be received by the local school district and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
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